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Geopolitical M&A Due Diligence

Project "Tango"


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Entering the Russian market


A global Industrial Enterprise was interested in acquiring a company with substantial presence in Russia. The Industrial Enterprise had conducted a thorough due diligence relating to finance, operation, legalities, technology etcetera. However, due to the complexity of the Russian market, the executive management requested to complement the due diligence with a thorough analysis and assessment from a geopolitical perspective.


Our services included the following components:

(a) Investigation of the current owner – a mapping of political ties, incentives for selling and an analysis on the current owner’s significance to the company’s success.

(b) Analysis of the target company’s position in relation to Russian industrial policies and political agenda and an assessment of the risk of being subject to corrupt practices.

(c) Analysis of the geopolitical outlooks for Russia. How could increased tension between Russia and the West impact the target company? What are the risks of being exposed to current or foreseeable future sanctions?

(d) Assessment of risk extending to the Industrial Enterprise’s operations in other markets stemming from the target company’s activities in Russia.


Disruptive geopolitical developments and contextual risks

Our contribution resulted in the following positive outcome for our Industrial Client;

  • An enhanced basis for their acquisition assessment
  • An enhanced ability to foresee disruptive geopolitical developments
  • An overall enhanced contextual risk understanding
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