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Risk mitigation and strategic solutions
Project 'CESAR'
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A global Retail Company had recently become targeted by bad publicity and accused by the international community of acting discriminatory towards some of its customers in parts of the Middle East. The Retail Company considered themselves being falsely accused and found themselves tangled up in the complexity of Middle Eastern politics, risking to damage the global brand with consumer boycotts as a consequence.


Consilio worked closely with the Client over a period of three years to develop and implement a strategy to discontinue what had been perceived as discriminatory activities. Within Project “CESAR”, Consilio supported the Client with the following elements:

a) Assessment and analysis of the allegation and situation.

b) Geopolitical risk assessment, also accounting for a potential spillover effect to other markets.

c) Contextual understanding of the historic, cultural and religious elements related to the allegation through workshops and a field trip.

d) PR and Communication strategy, also to be of value for future crises situations.

e) Government relations and partnership strategy to enhance local operations.

f) Regional market and expansion analysis.


Our contribution resulted in the following positive outcome for our Retail Client; 

  • Unique business and market insights as well as new perspectives
  • Enhanced ability to predict and navigate geopolitical changes 
  • A broad risk-mitigation strategy and Communications Platform
  • Enhanced relations, with the government and other key individuals 
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