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H&H Group är partnerägt och rotad i nordiska värderingar med en internationell prägel.


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Transform your business with data-driven marketing and digital services

At Nordic Morning we believe in making the world a better experience. We research, advise, make and activate to encourage our clients to aim further and drive growth. The Nordic Morning team are strategically positioned across the Nordics to serve the needs of our growing Nordic client base, which includes some of the largest and most exciting brands in Europe. As it stands today, as one agency, we currently have three offices in Helsinki, Stockholm and Malmö with around 170 team members.

Strategic and financial communication

H&H is a leading communications advisor in corporate communications, corporate marketing, CSR, financial communication, investor relations and public affairs. Our client portfolio includes small and large companies and organisations. We are approximately 70 consultants with extensive experience within each specialist area.

The leading digital communication agency for public companies

Comprend is the leading digital communication agency for public companies. We help senior teams succeed quickly with a relentless focus on understanding and inspiring the people that matter. Together with our clients, we help them transform and execute their communication combining digital and corporate communication expertise. We are experienced and passionate professionals working from Stockholm, London and everywhere.

Strategic communications agency with a digital core

Intellecta is a broad and strong communications agency. We have the strategic competence, creativity and power to get things done. Our in-depth knowledge of society means that we have a particular ability to navigate the complexity of the present. And to point others in the right direction for the future. We believe in the power of strong communication and its ability to drive change. To us, this means we must act responsibly, both in what we do and what we help our customers achieve. We have a responsibility to act openly, honestly and with integrity. This is the good societal conversation that we are working towards - moving present issues for a better future.

Boutiqe Marketing Agency

We specialize in irresistible creativity that pays off. Our affinity with channel dynamic solutions, contemporary culture, diversity, collaboration and our earned first-mindset is what unites us and brings long term advantage to our clients.

Creo – a true motion media agency

Creo is a true motion media agency. Based in Sweden, working globally. We love helping our clients change hearts and minds - and to continually explore the full potential of motion media to connect, engage and inspire. From insights and strategy to concept development and production, we help you connect with your target groups. We specialise in film and motion graphics, interactive online events, live webcasts and online distribution solutions with our market leading platform Creo Media Manager. Our strategists, creators, technical experts and communicators are all passionate professionals. We know that the key to successful projects is being a real partner. Creo works with some seventy clients: listed and private companies as well as governmental organizations.

Analysis and strategy to implementation in advertising, PR and SoMe

BerntzonBylund is a strategic 360° communications agency with a strong focus on results. We have a long-term brand perspective in everything we do, where each effort reinforces or builds a clear position while creating effect. In our projects, we mix visual identity, tonality, creativity, messages and activities, and our work is channel and platform-independent. Instead, it is the end customer's needs that are in focus. Our strength lies in the fact that we work all the way from analysis and strategy to implementation in advertising, PR and SoMe. We have a hypothesis-driven process and a flexible way of working where we quickly transform strategy into activity and refine and develop concepts and ideas. We have our own production, film production and web production departments. All this in order to maintain a high level of service and efficient projects.

Involving communication - with focus on employees

Involve Communication - Transform business by involving all the people. Involve Communication has more than 20 years of experience working with internal communication, strategy activation, and learning for many of Sweden's most successful companies. Our strength is that we know leadership- and employee communication. We know what works for different target groups in different types of organizations. We have solid experience of digital activation methods, formats, processes, and channels. Our team consists of skilled advisors, strategists, writers, creators, graphic designers and developers. The offer combines consulting, concept development and digital tools and methods for activation and execution.

Brand Experience

Wonderland is a creative event agency with focus on brands, relations and business results. Our focus is to create a unique brand experiences and brand engagement. We work from strategy and idea to production and implementation. We work with both B2B, B2E och B2C – and no assignment is too large or small for us. Our focus is to deliver experiences that makes a difference, no matter live or digital.

Value-creating insights

We aim to understand people. To do that, we use quantitative and qualitative methods and tools to gather data and information, building value-creating insights for our customers. Transforming these insights to strategic advice and concrete communication plans based on the needs of our clients, we combine our offers to customize a solution to reach the most effective results. The team of Axiom has many years of experience working with opinion analysis, computer science, econometrics, statistical learning, political knowledge, different markets, business development and strategic communication.

Much more than just perfectly retouched images

Mods is widely regarded as one of the leading retouching and prepress agencies in the world. We’re good because we love what we do – from retouching to animations and digital imaging.

Digital B2B agency that connects hearts and minds

At Petra, we challenge traditional IT in global B2B. Our core is deep behavioral and technical expertise. We offer optimized web development and hosting processes together with enhanced lead and data management, to create customer experiences that continually connects.

Strategic brand development and experience agency

Graal is a business-oriented brand agency, basing everything we do on insights and deep understanding of what drives human behavior. Using strategy, behavioral science, creativity and design, we build magical brand experiences that transform brands and the people who love them.

Communication that moves people and drives sales

Pyramid helps international B2B brands succeed by creating brand and communication strategies, including communication that moves people and drives sales. We have a long-term brand perspective in everything we do, and each effort builds a clear position while also creating effect for our customers through smart marketing solutions.