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The world is complex. Our solution is simple. 

Communication has become more business critical than ever. At the same time, the world has grown more complex. Organisations must be faster, smarter and more focused on the individual and at the same time coherent and always in the forefront.

The number of channels at your disposal are infinite and the demands for transparency and responsibility increase every day.

Our solution is about collaboration – both between individuals and agencies, as well as experts and teams. Together with our clients, we create relevant communication that enables growth, creates value and builds trust. Complex but yet so simple.

Our capabilities cover every step of the way to help you overcome specific communication challenges or complex processes. How can we support you?

Creative & Marketing

The competition for brand loyalty and increased sales are fiercer than ever. The demand for personalisation, access, purpose and relevance are immense challenges in an accelerating digital environment. Within H&H Group we are proud to host some of the most creative and business-oriented minds in the industry to support our clients with strategies and capabilities to build and strengthen brands – enabling them to be more relevant and to grow. Some of our agencies in this field includes Jung Relations, BerntzonBylund, Nordic Morning, Pyramid, Petra and Graal.

Financial & Corporate

In a fast moving, intense and transparent environment, trust is a scarce and precious commodity. Whether or not you are listed on a stock exchange or privately held, raising and meeting expectations on your brand and your company becomes a strategic and tactical priority with great value at stake. H&H Group comprises some of the most experienced advisors and teams with great experience from the financial markets, financial & corporate reporting, IPOs, M&As, investor relations as well as corporate brand building, risk and crisis management, employee engagement, strategy activiation and communication infrastructure. Some of our agencies in this field includes Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, Intellecta, Creo, Nordic Morning and Involve.

Sustainability &
Public Affairs

Successful companies often have one thing in common: solid relationships with all parts of society. They understand and engage in the development of society and the business environment in which they operate. Whether you are looking to build, strengthen or communicate your sustainability agenda or understand and engage with local, national or international policy making. H&H Group provides advisors and teams with deep knowledge and extensive experience in everything from analysis and strategy to creative solutions. Some of our agencies in this field includes Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, Intellecta, Jung Relations and Involve.

Digital Solutions & Transformation 

Never has the pace in which the business environment evolves been greater. Businesses are facing new opportunities and new challenges like never before. This demands a lot of attention from leaders when it comes to organisation, offerings, platforms, communication, attracting and retaining customers and talent etc. H&H Group provides competence in vital areas, such as digital corporate communication and corporate reporting, digital employee engagement, live digital meetings, martech solutions as well as service design and UX. Within all H&H Group agencies, data and digital solutions are integrated to best support our clients on their journey of continuous transformation. Some of our specialists in this field includes agencies such as Nordic Morning, Comprend, Petra, Intellecta, Creo and Involve.

Insights & Analytics

The amount of information and data available is huge. The important question is what data and what insights are needed to make the best decisions. This goes for everything from understanding geopolitics and complex business environments to customer behaviours, investor perceptions and which messages really resonate with key-audiences. H&H Group provides strategic and datadriven insights and analytics as well as hands-on advice on how to maximise the value of investments in relations and communication. Some of our agencies in this field includes Axiom insight and Nordic Morning.

Content & Communities

High-quality content provided in a context that resonates with clients, employees, investors or other stakeholders is an increasingly important part of every company and organisation’s brand building and sales processes. This may involve one-on-one meetings, seminars, events, digital meetings, video content, owned, earned or bought channels, relevant content is needed in order to gain and maintain business attraction and to build loyalty. H&H Group has highly skilled and experienced teams and individuals to provide the best advice, create relevant and engaging content or to facilitate or build channels and communities. All agencies within H&H Group provide services related to content development but some specialists would include agencies such as Nordic Morning, Intellecta, Creo, Involve and Wonderland.