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H&H Group is a long-term owner of communications companies with the ambition of being a market leader.

By caring about the entrepreneurial spririt and culture, each agency is given the oportunity to develop in the best possible way. 

The group has a combined agency revenue of approximately SEK 550 million with aproximetly 400 employees in Stockholm, Malmö, Linköping, London and Shanghai. The group consists of Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, Comprend, Springtime-Intellecta, Identx, Jung Relations, Creo, Tomorrow, Involve, Consilio, Bysted, Savvy, Axiom Insight, BerntzonBylund, Mindmakers, Socialminds, and Wonderland. 


H&H Group invests in modern opinion analysis – Axiom Insight new agency

Axiom Insight will, with a new form of opinion analysis, assist clients in designing messages that the recipient perceives, understands and accepts. Other companies are investigating WHAT people think, but Axiom’s niche is to find out WHY people think as they do thus create more effective communication. 

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H&H Group on place 39 of the world’s 250 biggest PR-companies!

Holmes report recently presented their yearly ranking of the world’s 250 biggest PR-companies. H&H Group has for several years climbed the list and landed on place 39 this year, compared to the previous year’s placement of 46. Last year’s growth of 31% means that the H&H Group is the third fastest growing company in the world, in the “mid-size segment” (50-250 mUSD).

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