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Springtime-Intellecta is the Swedish Red cross’ digital partner. In the project A Red cross on the Web we have helped the organisation to take full advantage of the possibilities of digitalisation.


The Red Cross' extensive activities with large fundraisers, diversified target groups and extensive volunteer involvement entail challenges in priorities for the digital presence. Creating one Red Cross online requires broad support and clear goal guidance.


Based on an overall impact mapping, and about 50 detailed impact targets, we developed a concept that was indicative for all subprojects; new external web, intranet, recruitment platform and digital support for the Red Cross' local circles.


A digital partner in all channels

The key in the project is a very clear common thread from impact targets to solution. We have created a unified Red Cross online, increased engagement in all digital channels and improved efficiency and profitability in every step.

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Intellecta is a broad and strong communications agency. We have the strategic competence, creativity and power to get things done. Our in-depth knowledge of society means that we have a particular ability to navigate the complexity of the present. And to point others in the right direction for the future. We believe in the power of strong communication and its ability to drive change. To us, this means we must act responsibly, both in what we do and what we help our customers achieve. We have a responsibility to act openly, honestly and with integrity. This is the good societal conversation that we are working towards - moving present issues for a better future.