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‘The Dove’ Case
Axiom Insights
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Addressing different target groups the right way


A large and well-known Swedish company is facing a number of organisational changes and needs to rearrange parts of the business that are assumed to affect the customer experience. How are customers’ and potential customers’ views of the company affected by the changes that are planned to be made? Which customer groups are most likely to be angry and which will not be affected? What message should the company use to address the various customer groups?


Our starting point in the project was to look at the client’s situation and from here adjust our solution in order to find as accurate insights as possible. The client first needed to find a segmentation model to identify where differences in attitudes existed and which prioritised target groups to focus on. Thereafter we did a number of parallel activities to maximise data collection and work through the material properly. The project ended with testing messages from previous campaigns as well as our new recommendations in order to quantify the benefit the project created.

The customer received partial results delivered on an ongoing basis. The final result was a combination of a written report and oral presentation.

This project combined our offers

  • Segmentation development & application
  • Brand & Reputation Analysis
  • Campaign & Ad Analysis
  • Qualitative Insights
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We aim to understand people. To do that, we use quantitative and qualitative methods and tools to gather data and information, building value-creating insights for our customers. Transforming these insights to strategic advice and concrete communication plans based on the needs of our clients, we combine our offers to customize a solution to reach the most effective results. The team of Axiom has many years of experience working with opinion analysis, computer science, econometrics, statistical learning, political knowledge, different markets, business development and strategic communication.