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The ‘Barn Owl’ Case
Axiom Insights
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What is your view and values on social and specific issues?


A Swedish organisation that works with long-term opinion-forming on a specific issue wanted to investigate how young people's views on another social issue affect their views on the organisation's specific issue. What are the different values ​​in the social issue among young people and how can bridges be built between those values ​​and the customer's specific issue?


In a seven-step process, Axiom developed insights with the aim of building bridges between the customer's and the target group's view of the social issue. A hypothesis about segmentation was set up and tested quantitatively on the public to see which demographic, and differences in value and knowledge influence the perception of the issue. One of the segments was selected and divided into four smaller sub-segments with different personality types. Through qualitative, quantitative and external data collection, the sub-segments were consolidated and a communication plan with concepts, metaphors and reasoning for the four sub-segments was developed.

The customer received partial results on an ongoing basis and was an active part in deciding on the next step forward. The end result was delivered in writing and orally.

This project combined our offers

  • Segmentation development & application
  • Qualitative insights
  • Opinion analysis
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We aim to understand people. To do that, we use quantitative and qualitative methods and tools to gather data and information, building value-creating insights for our customers. Transforming these insights to strategic advice and concrete communication plans based on the needs of our clients, we combine our offers to customize a solution to reach the most effective results. The team of Axiom has many years of experience working with opinion analysis, computer science, econometrics, statistical learning, political knowledge, different markets, business development and strategic communication.