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A fast journey.


Communication strategy

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Reaching new heights in a niche market


For a few years now, we have had the privilege of developing one of the world's leading car brands on the Swedish market. We work in all channels, from social media and digital to TV and print. We are also responsible for Porsche's customer magazine Porsche Magasin. 


Porsche is a strong brand on a journey. From being a narrow sports car brand, the product portfolio now includes cars that attract a number of new target groups. The challenge is to develop the brand maintaining its position as a premium brand while at the same time increase sales across the categories. 


Together with Porsche Sweden, we have developed a solid communication strategy where all communication disciplines are involved. We work consistently and methodically to both reach new target groups and increase loyalty. By carefully controlling the communication, we can address selected target groups with specific messages about innovation, launches, security, etc. 

A foundation in all our communication since the start of our collaboration has been to develop a new tone that permeates everything we do, from social media and ads to events. This "Code of conduct within communication" helps us to create integrated communication where the customer's life and Porsche are put in interesting contexts. 


The journey has gone at a furious pace, buckle up!

The results of our work with Porsche are clear in many areas, where the incredible increase in sales stands out - but we also focus on a number of other KPIs that are important for Porsche's business as a whole, from occupancy in the service stations to employer branding. 

Since we got in the car, the journey has gone at a furious pace, and sales have multiplied. Buckle up! 

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BerntzonBylund is a strategic 360° communications agency with a strong focus on results. We have a long-term brand perspective in everything we do, where each effort reinforces or builds a clear position while creating effect. In our projects, we mix visual identity, tonality, creativity, messages and activities, and our work is channel and platform-independent. Instead, it is the end customer's needs that are in focus. Our strength lies in the fact that we work all the way from analysis and strategy to implementation in advertising, PR and SoMe. We have a hypothesis-driven process and a flexible way of working where we quickly transform strategy into activity and refine and develop concepts and ideas. We have our own production, film production and web production departments. All this in order to maintain a high level of service and efficient projects.