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Henrik, “The Shampoo Guy”, Lundqvist

Head & Shoulders


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A sporting icon taking shampoo to another level


Getting people to care about what anti-dandruff shampoo they buy might seem hard. But we love a good challenge. So, we set out to get people to talk, share content and brag about what anti-dandruff shampoo they prefer.   


Since 2016 we’ve worked with Procter & Gamble and Henrik Lundqvist, the NHL superstar and guy with great hair, to make Head & Shoulders the go to brand for all shampoo shoppers.   

A long-term and humoristic story, based on Henke’s exceptional love for Head & Shoulders, has permeated all communications during these years. Henke, the “shampoo guy”, Lundqvist has been campaigning for Head & Shoulders in everything from TV commercials to podcast series, press conferences, guest appearances in other brand’s commercials, clothing collections, limited edition shampoo bottles, sponsorships, fan meetings, social media content and guerilla activities.   


Bragging about your anti-dandruff shampoo

The tongue-in-cheek campaigns have strengthened the Head & Shoulders position as Sweden’s most bought shampoo. And the likes, shares, comments and earned media reach prove that people nowadays love talking, sharing and bragging about using Head & Shoulders. 

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