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A new brand



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Understanding the customer's perspective


Evida, a financial advisor and trustee, was formed based on the founders’ perception that there was a demand in the market for a company that offers investment services from a clearer customer perspective. This means more impartial and long-term advice as opposed to the short-term sales of the advisor’s own products. This approach would permeate all their communication.


The task was to move the brand from more traditional communication channels to become an innovator in this conservative and somewhat vague industry. The visual identity and communication on the website should be simple and clearly explain who Evida is and tell about their business model, to work knowledge-driven and long-term with evidence-based, academic methods.


Bringing it all together on one platform

The collaboration began with a brand workshop, which resulted in the creation of a single brand platform. Based on this, a new name, a new one visual identity and a new website were developed –