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In 2015, Bysted began collaborating with DUX and DUXIANA to rejuvenate and revitalise their brand. The initial assignment included a holistic approach to all visual communication. Concepts and positioning, product launches and image campaigns, exhibitions and store materials, internal communication and all digital channels. In 2019, Bysted was commissioned to develop an international image campaign that strengthened the DUX brand and bed collection.


The greatest challenge in this assignment was to develop a unique, global concept in a fairly stereotypical bed market that works in DUX’s different markets. It was also to communicate DUX’s unique technology in an attractive, modern and emotional way.


The solution was to communicate DUX’s unique Pascal systems in a completely new way. From having previously been presented in a very technical way, the focus was more on consumer experience. The campaign shows how the bed’s structure can improve sleep and also that the bed can be customised for each stage in life, even solving the challenge of switching a bed to two occupants.


Strengthen the DUX brand internationally

The campaign is seen internationally in magazines, daily press, outdoor advertising, various DUX websites, social media, internal communication, store materials at retailers etc.

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